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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) performs its authentication function/services in the context of 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. Given the existence of a multi-state system, aforesaid Convention stipulates that, among other things, the various kind of documents sourced from particular sovereign states (e.g. public documents, private documents, and commercial documents) shall have validity or operative effect in another sovereign state's legal jurisdiction after subjected to an agreed upon authentication procedure.

The DFA through the Authentication Division-Office of Consular Affairs may authenticate an act, deed documents etc. executed or sourced within Philippine legal jurisdiction by way of certifying said act, as follows: a) executed before a local notary public officer authorized to execute such functions, b) testified to by a public seal, c) rendered public by the authority of a competent magistrate, d) certified as being a copy of a public register. When these acts, deeds or documents have been duly authenticated by the Department, the receiving embassies or consulates or any other foreign legal entities are, in effect assured that aforesaid documents are in order or have been legalized in accordance with proper procedure. Foreign Embassies, Consulates and foreign legal entities may or may not require the authentication of documents sourced from the Philippines for use within their respective jurisdictions. However, under rules of reciprocity in international relations, sovereign states normally require authentication of foreign documents to be used.

The DFA authentication attest to the genuineness of the signature appearing on the attached certification for the purpose of identifying a specific document and giving credence to the official acts of the notary public or certifying officer thereon for use, if and when required, as instrument of evidence in foreign countries. As such, the DFA certification/authentication does not, per se, authenticate the validity/efficacy/enforceability of the basic document itself. However, the Authentication Officer is impressed with duties calling for carefulness and faithfulness whereby he must inform himself of the facts to which he intends to certify and avoid participation in illegal enterprises.



Public / Official Documents Authenticating Government Agencies
(in consecutive order)
1. Birth Certificate/Death Certificate
Marriage Contract or Certificate
Certification of No Marriage Record
a. NSO
b. Malacañang
c. DFA
2. Certificate of Muslim Tribal Affiliation*
Certificate of Conversion to Islam
a. OMA*
b. Shari'a Court, Zamboanga
c. OMA
d. NSO
e. Malacañang*
f. DFA*
3. NBI Clearance a. NBI
b. Malacañang
c. DFA
4.LTO Certificate
Driver’s License
a. LTO (Main Office, Quezon City)
b. Malacañang
c. DFA
5. Report of Rating
Certificate of Registration
Certification of Good Standing
Professional License
a. PRC
b. Malacañang
c. DFA
6. Community Tax Certificate a. City Treasurer’s Office
b. Malacañang
c. DFA
7. Barangay Certification a. Barangay Chairman
b. Mayor
c. Malacañang
d. DFA
8. Voter’s ID/Certificate a. COMELEC Manila
b. Malacañang
c. DFA
9. Travel Clearance of a Filipino Minor without Accompanying Parents a. DSWD
b. Malacañang
c. DFA
10. Alien Certificate of Registration
Immigrant/Native-Born Residence Certificate
a. Bureau of Immigration
b. Malacañang
c. DFA

College Diploma and Transcript of Records
Special Order
Certificate of Enrollment/Report of Grades
Certification of Graduation
a. School
b. CHED (depending on the region)
c. Malacañang
d. DFA
Secondary/Elementary Diploma and
Form 137-A, Special Order
Certification of Graduation
Certificate of Enrollment/Report of Grades
a. School
b. DECS (depending on the region)
c. Malacañang
d. DFA
Diploma on Technical and Skills Development
Transcript of Records
Certificate of Enrollment/Report of Grades
Certification of Graduation
a. School
b. TESDA (depending on the region)
c. Malacañang
d. DFA
Medical Certificate
AIDS-Free Certificate
a. Clinic/Hospital
c. Malacañang
d. DFA
Employment Certificates
Job Description
Training Certificates
Affidavit of Support and Guaranty
Affidavit of Parental Consent / Single Status
Affidavit of Loss
Special Power of Attorney
GOSI Forms
Doctor’s Affidavit
a. Notary Public
b. Regional Trial Court
c. Malacañang
d. DFA
Court Decision/Court Order a. Regional Trial Court
b. Malacañang
c. DFA

Certificate of Origin
Commercial Invoice
Packing List/Recap Sheet
Bill of Lading/Air Way Bill
Shipping Agent’s Certificate
Quarantine Clearance Certificate
Weight Certification/Weight List
Manufacturer’s Certificate
Beneficiary Certificate
Commodity Clearance
Insurance Certification
For Certificates of Origin issued by the Bureau of Customs:
a. Bureau of Customs
b. Malacañang
c. DFA

Otherwise, and for all other documents:
b. DFA

a. Consul of Philippine Embassy/Consulate
or of concerned Foreign Embassy in the
b. DFA

Authentication Division,
Office of Consular Affairs,
Department of Foreign Affairs
South wing Lobby, 2330 Roxas Blvd., Pasay City, Metro Manila
Tel. No. 834-4000
Authentication fee: P100.00
Processing period: Five (5) working days
Department of Education, Culture and Sports-National Capital Region
Misamis St., Bago Bantay,
Quezon City
Tel. No. 921-5630
Authentication fee: P30.00
Processing period: Five (5) working days

Authentication Unit, Legal Office, Office of the President, Malacañang
1610 J.P. Laurel St., Watson Building, Malacañang , San Miguel, Manila
Tel. No. 733-36-03
Authentication fee: P50.00
Processing period: One (1) working day
Bureau of Licensing and Regulation, Department of Health
San Lazaro Compound, Rizal Avenue, Sta. Cruz, Manila / Tel. No. 711-6982
Authentication fee: P10.00
Processing period: Two (2) working days
Commission on Higher Education-National Capital Region
6th floor, Pacific Corporate Center,
131 West Avenue, Quezon City
Tel. No. 373-5551 to 53
Authentication fee: P40.00
Processing period: Five (5) working days
Department of Social Welfare and Development-National Capital Region
San Rafael St., Legarda, Manila
Tel. No. 734-8637
No fee for Travel Clearance
Processing period: Five (5) working days
Commission on Elections
Intramuros, Manila
Land Transportation Office
East Avenue, Quezon City
Tel. No. 926-7081
Authentication fee: P30.00
Processing period: Three (3) to four (4) working days
National Statistics Office
East Avenue, Quezon City (in front of Social Security System (SSS) building)
Tel. No. 927-8672
NSO Hotline Plus (Teleserv):737-1111

Vibal Building, EDSA cor. Times St., West Triangle, Quezon City

Authentication fee/Processing Period:
P25.00 for birth, marriage and death certificates/Average of Seven (7) days

P25.00 for Certificates of Conversion to Islam

P80 for Certification of No Marriage Record/Average of Fifteen (15) days

Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry
14th Floor, Multinational Bank Corporation Center
6805 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Tel.No. 843-3374 / 843-3176

Certification/Authentication fee:
< $10,000 bracket:
-P250 for non-members
-P100 for members
$10,000 to $20,000 bracket:
-P300 for non-members
-P125 for members
Released on the same day

National Bureau of Investigation
Taft Ave., Ermita, Manila
Tel. No. 551-0249
Authentication fee: P100.00
Processing period: Three (3) to four (4) working days
Office of Muslim Affairs
Ablaza Bldg., 117 E. Rodriguez Ave., 1102 Quezon City
Tel. No. 742-2711 to 16

Authentication fee:
P10.00 for documentary stamp
P10.00 for lamination
Processing period:Fifteen (15) working days

Professional Regulations Commission
P. Paredes, Sampaloc, Manila
Tel. No. 735-4671 to 74
Authentication fee: P50.00
No fixed processing time
Regional Trial Court having jurisdiction over the area where Notary Public holds office/where affidavit was notarized (e.g. RTC of Manila, RTC of Pasay etc.)
Technical Education and Skills Development Authority-NCR
TESDA Complex, East Service Road, South Superhighway, Taguig, M. Mla.
Tel. No. 815-3343
Authentication fee: P30.00
No fixed processing time
All applications should be made in person by the applicant except under certain circumstances (e.g. documents filed by his/her immediate kin).

Application not paid within 24 hours shall be disposed of.

Any spurious, fake, or tampered documents submitted for authentication are subject to outright seizure upon proper determination by the DFA Authentication Officer. Holder of said documents, as well as fixers are liable to prosecution.


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